Is Trae Young the NEXT NBA Star?

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Trae Young was just a rookie last season but was electrifying to watch! His smooth ball handling and deep range captivated fans league wide.

He continues to prove why he belongs..

From being a non-lottery pick going into his college career, to shocking college basketball with one of the best freshman seasons of all time, as he averaged 27PPG & 8APG -- eventually getting selected #5 overall in the 2018 NBA Draft.

From NBA critics questioning his size and potential, to averaging 19.1PPG 8.1APG, & 3.7RPG his rookie year!

However, his amazing rookie performance was not enough, as another young emerging Maverick star, Luka Doncic ran away with the ROTY Trophy!

Trae Young was recently seen dropping 31pts in a Drew League game and looking even more excited to get back on the floor.

Will Trae be the next standout NBA star? We definitely think so, but he has the 19-20 season to prove us right!



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