Fred Hoiberg Does Not Have Coronavirus; Diagnosed with Influenza A (Common Cold)

Nebraska men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg has been taken to the hospital after leaving Wednesday night's Big Ten Tournament opener early because of illness.

The coach was seen with his head in his hand on the bench before leaving the arena. Assistant coach Doc Sadler coached the remainder of the game in Hoiberg's absence.

There was concern by the way Hoiberg appeared on the bench during the game, and then more when national college basketball writer Jeff Goodman of Stadium tweeted as it finished, "Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg been taken to the hospital ... Was sick, left the game early and was told to go to be checked out immediately."

The coach's son, Jack Hoiberg, provided an encouraging update a couple hours after the game, explaining in a Snapchat message: "He got cleared before the game to coach and just got released from the hospital with no quarantine. Thank you for the texts and concerns."



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