• Jackson McGuire

Emoni Bates verbally commits to Michigan State

When we think of current high school basketball players one player comes to mind as the clear cut best player… Emoni Bates. Bates is considered one of the most hyped recruits ever and has been compared to Kevin Durant multiple times. This year Bates became the first sophomore ever to win the Gatorade National Player of The Year.

When the 2022 recruiting window opened up it was reported that Tom Izzo, the head coach of Michigan State was the only coach that reached out to Bates because most coaches thought he was a near lock to go straight to the NBA or to Michigan State. Izzo started recruiting Bates since Bates was in the seventh grade and Izzo’s hard work paid off as Bates has verbally committed to Michigan State. According to 247sports, Bates is the highest rated Michigan State commit since 2003. Although Bates is currently a part of the 2022 class he is on pace due to class credits to graduate in 2021. However, even though Bates gave his verbal commitment to Michigan State he has also stated that if he can go straight to the NBA he will. Luckily for Michigan State fans sports analyst Adrian Wojnarowski said that talks of changing the one and done rule (which would allow high school players to go straight to the NBA) have been paused and might not come back for a few years.

To go along with all of this, the world found out that Bates’ father Elgin Bates is starting his own prep school, YSPI Prep, which is going to be headlined by Bates as well as highly ranked recruits Dillon Hunter, Jaden Akins, and Shawn Phillips. The rest of the roster consists of players from the Midwest/Great Lakes Region. YSPI Prep has the talent to be a top 25 team in the country when the season comes.



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